Marshall ROC is a coalition of community organizations, funders, and government agencies bound together by the common interest: Helping our neighbors, particularly those who are most in need. Marshall ROC is led by its members, who are a dedicated community of volunteers and organizations, in collaboration with government representatives. Many organizations in the surrounding communities offered their help after the Marshall Fire. Coordinating these efforts is challenging, but important. Marshall ROC is structured as a Long Term Recovery Group (LTRG), which is a nationally recognized, tried-and-true method for coordinating limited money, muscle, and materials among multiple organizations, on behalf of individuals and communities impacted by disaster.

The Marshall ROC Mission – Restoring Our Community
The mission of Marshall ROC is to support and empower individuals and households affected by the Marshall Fire and windstorm to lead their own recoveries by identifying needs and coordinating assistance on their behalf. Marshall ROC is a collaborative coalition of existing agencies and all Marshall ROC related services will be provided without regard to race, creed, color, gender, disability, religious or political affiliation, documentation status, or sexual orientation.

Disasters are, by their nature, overwhelming. If it wasn’t overwhelming, we’d call it an “inconvenience,” not a “disaster.” The Marshall Fire and Windstorm is overwhelming. Our neighbors lost hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property and belongings. So many individuals and organizations have rallied to help and it is inspiring to see how engaged and supportive the communities responding to this disaster have been. However, it is now clear the need is greater than the available resources. Marshall ROC and its members will work to help as many people as possible, while managing community expectations.

Marshall ROC consists of several committees, each with a coordinating mission

Additional Committees will be established as the Recovery continues. These might include:

  • Communications Committee
  • Financial Controls and Reporting
  • Children and Youth Committee
  • Construction Management Committee
  • Others, as needed

Marshall ROC is a gathering place for community organizations, service providers, and funders to coordinate their efforts in concert with government agency missions.

If your organization would like to consider joining Marshall ROC or would like to attend the next Marshall ROC meeting please email

Marshall ROC ribbon Cutting

On-site food pantry is available to folks impacted by the Marshall Fire.

Open 9am-5pm

“Disaster recovery is the process of improving individual, family and community resiliency after a disaster. Recovery is not only about the restoration of structures, systems and services – although they are critical. A successful recovery is also about addressing sources of inequitable and unjust outcomes, and individuals and families being able to rebound from their losses and sustain their physical, social, economic, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.” Center for Disaster Philanthropy – 2022