Unmet Needs Committee

Meetings are currently on hold (contact karrington@bouldercounty.org for future meeting information)

Centralized location to manage recovery needs of the community that are NOT covered by other means.

  • Utilizes collective data from Disaster Case Management, to identify needs that aren’t currently being met.
  • May identify and solicit donations – financial or in-kind – to be used to assist survivors to meet unmet needs during recovery.
  • Determines policies and procedures for the Unmet Needs Roundtable by:
    • Ensuring confidentiality of clients
    • Ensuring fair and accountable distribution of donations and assistance
    • Creating a recommended criteria for funding clients
  • Works to prevent gaps or unnecessary duplication of benefits.
  • Reduces the possibility of fraud by creating a system that verifies true needs.
  • Helps steer the determination of the best use of limited funds, resources, and agency services when need is widespread.
  • Insures that funders with resources to contribute are attending the Unmet Needs Roundtable.
  • Will facilitate the Unmet Needs Roundtable.
  • May determine what to ask for in regards to unmet needs for a case statement.
  • Unmet Needs Roundtable is the LAST RESORT funding.

Current Committee Officers:
Chair: open
Vice Chair: Katie Aarington, Boulder County
Secretary: Kasey Harlos, 211 Colorado/ United Way


  • Jennifer Banyan, Jewish Family Services
  • Valerie Brown, United Policy Holders
  • Ashlee Schmitt, Serve 6.8
  • Brenda Fox, MDS
  • Mikaela Gregg, Town of Superior
  • Bob Laarman, World Renew
  • Michael Moore, UMCOR
  • Alejandro Murillo, Boulder County
  • Jonathan Pevarnek, Team Rubicon
  • Rev. Mary Kate Rejouis, St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church
  • Gabby Roldan, State of Colorado
  • Suzanne Crawford, Sister Carmen Community Center
  • Guio Bravo, Boulder County Area Agency on Aging