ROC With Us

The mission of Marshall ROC is to empower individuals and households affected by the Marshall Fire and windstorm to lead their own recoveries. Marshall ROC is structured as a long term recovery group and works to coordinate assistance on behalf of those impacted by the Marshall Fire and Windstorms through identifying, and supporting their most critical needs as they work to rebuild their lives.

If your organization would like to consider joining Marshall ROC or would like to attend the next Marshall ROC meeting please email

What is a Long Term Recovery Group (LTRG): It is a cooperative body that is made up of representatives from non-profit, faith-based, government, business, and other voluntary organizations working within a community to assist individuals and families as they recover from disaster and rebuild. The LTRG approach is a tried-and-true method of meeting the needs of disaster survivors across the United States. 

Marshall ROC needs the collective expertise and resources from community-based organizations to provide effective services and assistance to our neighbors as they recover from the Marshall Fire and windstorm.  Specifically in the areas of:

  • Case Management
  • Committee Leadership
  • Communications
  • Construction Management
  • Donation of Supplies and Materials
  • Financial Management
  • Volunteer Coordination